Meet Steve Schaible

Steve is the creator of the Hot Dog Biz 101 Training Package. He is also editor of the premier industry newsletter “Hot Dog Profits”, and host of his own podcast “Hot Dog Cart Radio”. Steve also owns and operates his own hot dog vending business, in addition to being a mobile food industry author, trainer, and consultant.

He has taught hundreds of people how to start their own hot dog cart businesses through his book and audio CD series, “Carts of Cash” as well as his video series, “The E-Z Built Hot Dog Cart”.

Recently, Steve developed a bookkeeping software program custom made for hot dog vendors. “Cash Tracker” makes keeping the books as easy as clicking a button.

Steve also offers private coaching and has personally worked with everyone from college students running a single cart on campus, to a retired vice president of Wendy’s Hamburgers who is starting up a nationwide hot dog cart franchise operation.

After having talked to and worked with hundreds of mobile food vendors, Steve is able to share his accumulated knowledge to help you successfully start, operate, and expand your very own hot dog cart business.

A personal note from Steve…

Hey there and welcome!

This marks my 16th year of self employment. My last “real” job was in an auto parts factory in Chicago (where I grew up). No I don’t miss it. Since then I started several small business, some successful, some not so much.

My big break came when I discovered the hot dog vending business. I started my business with a home made cart for less than $500, grew the business into a permanent hot dog stand, and sold it to the highest of five bidders for a five figure sum. I had to sign a non-compete agreement which prohibited me from selling hot dogs for a year after the sale and I used that time to write my first book, “Carts of Cash”.

Now my time is spent teaching others how to do what I did and more. I have thousands of students all across America and overseas including Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, England, Poland, Germany, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. I love the low stress lifestyle of the hot dog vendor (I haven’t set my alarm clock for years), and if you know the secrets, the money is really great too.

So, if you’ve been thinking about making money with hot dog carts either part time or full time, I’d love to help you get going. You can start by listening to an interview I did with one of my successful hot dog students. You’ll learn a ton of information about this wonderful business opportunity. I look forward to serving you.

To your success,

– Steve