Hot Dog Biz 101 / Carts of Cash Reviews

Hot Dog Biz 101 / Carts of Cash Reviews

What our customers are saying…

“Hi Steve,
I am presently a business owner in Los Angeles for the past eleven years now and I found what you are saying in your materials to be true based upon my experiences as well as enlightening on other subjects. I was up at 2:00am reading your course last night. Needless to say, today I WILL HAVE A DIFFERENT APPROACH when I set out my cart in front of my martial arts school today. By the way its been going great in front of my school. Thank you so much! Please keep me informed of any updates.”
– Dennis H.
Tae Kwon Dogs
Los Angeles”

“I am impressed with the amazing, well planned, “small but big business” that is in your’s a must read for those who need to become their own boss, start their own business and ditch the old tradition of “servant for master” kind of lively hood…Congrats, and long live the hot dog Carts of Cash. I will keep in touch and put the plan into action!”
– Jack K.
New Zealand”

“I just recently bought your course online and have decided to go for it!”
– Diane G.

“Hey Steve,
I just received the course and found it very useful. Great tips and info – I will put it to use. Just bought my first cart. Everyone loves a hot dog any time of the year! Thank you.”
– Jonny

“Hi Steve,
Thank you for the course, I am sure it will be very helpful with my new hot dog cart business. Lots of great info. We are starting our new adventure tomorrow. We are setting our cart up at a flea market. Our research shows approximately 16,000 to 20,000 people visit this area over Saturday and Sunday, in which we will be setting up for those 2 days. We will be using a lot of your great tips:):):):)
Thx for your course again.”
– David and Brenda P.

“If you’re are planning on going into the hotdog cart business, Steve’s material is essential. Without his information I would have spent loads of money that wasn’t needed. I highly recommend this program for anyone getting into the business and want’s to make a lot of cash!”
– Jim S.

“Hi Steve, I am reading your course for the second time and taking some notes.The course is awesome and is truly a must read for any entrepreneur wishing to start in this business.”
– Ben B.

“Can’t believe our little hot dog stand is making such a commotion!! Wanted to also add that there has have been quite a few customers mentioning how they would like to start one of these too. I always write down your web site for them and said you were the best! Thanks!”
– Pam L.

“Good morning Steve,
I am a proud owner of your “Carts of Cash” course. Very informative and straight forward…love it.”
– Jim H.

“We received the materials for Carts of Cash this week and have read the entire course. “Carts of Cash” is a no-nonsense, easy to read and understand guide filled with TONS of the most useful and honest information you will find anywhere! We highly recommend you purchase and read Steve’s course before beginning your venture and even after you’ve begun for even more money-making ideas! You’ll be happy you did!”
– Dan and Debi
Melbourne, FL

“Hello Steve.
I just received your course and cannot tear myself away from the pages. I will pursue this enterprise with ferocity.
– Anthony S.

“Greetings Steve,
I hope this email finds you well. I just wanted to let you know that I received your course and I can honestly say, it has already started to turn my slump around. THANK YOU!!!!!”
– Steve E.

“I appreciate the quick response and thus far your course is very motivating and I am hating the fact that it’s Friday and I wont be able to talk to my Local Health department until Monday to get the cart rolling! Thanks again.”
– Tony B.

“Hi Steve,
I loved your course. The information has helped me get my first cart. I already met with the health inspector and I’m getting everything going!”
– Mike W.

“Read your course last night. Very helpful.”
– Dave P.”

On another note I really can’t express my appreciation enough for all the help your course has given me. I’d also like to thank you for a very professional website. All I could find previous to this was a bunch of 25 page ebooks that a high school student could have done. You should write a book on work ethics as well! I greatly greatly appreciate your help. Thanks!”
– Ben P.

“Dear Steve,
Just a quick note to express my appreciation to you for the great job you did in developing your course “Carts of Cash”. I am recently retired, and knew very little about the hot dog vending industry however, your materials provided invaluable help in getting me started.”
– Tom S.

“Hi Steve,
I haven’t finished reading your course, but so far I love it! It’s a different way of looking at things that makes me think. I like that, that’s what all hot dog guys do all the time anyway, checking out the competition, improving, looking at different options, statistics, taking note of tips how to make more money or just watching another vendor try something that the other hasn’t dared yet, just to see what happens. There are other hot dog guys who would LOVE this course, so I’ll tell them about it this summer. It’s a very interesting read!”
– Rudy V.
Streetside Grill

“Hello Steve,
I ordered your course and CD’s and I have enjoyed them. I would like to be added to your email list. Thanks again for your help with the CDs and course materials they are great!”
– Norman C.